Lollypop, the modern music player


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The free operating system, Linux, has its fair share of music players. Being an open source environment, applications such as music players are picked up and left off in the ecosystem. Let’s take a look at one of the more feature full and well done one from the available lot; Lollypop.

It claims to be a modern music player on it’s GitHub page and from the first looks, it sure delivers. One thing that stands out about the application is it is based on GTK3. Quite a number of music players are made from other desktop environment libraries but GTK3 is relatively new, bringing (and sometimes stripping out) a whole host of new features. Features that the Gnome’s official Music application never brought forth. Lollypop has been built to take advantage of these features and also got some tricks built inside to make for a great experience.

It makes excellent use of the header bar in GTK3, allowing for the progress bar and currently playing song to be neatly tucked away and the rest of the interface is dedicated to your library, playlists and online content. Yes, the application has built in support to play from some online sources such as YouTube and Spotify, in addition to the internet radios, an extremely well done feature tucked inside the application. It also integrates well inside the Gnome desktop, showing controls in the expected places, such as the dock popup window and the notification area.

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The player has all the features expected from a modern music player: ability to queue songs, rate songs, rate albums and search through the available catalog. It also touts a party mode and a full screen mode. Apart from these features it also grabs the cover art of artists, albums and songs, with built in ability to customize them with your own art. The cover art fetching does require some peddling around, fetching your own google API key so that it doesn’t exceed the limit set by the API. The player also retrieves encoders to play some music on the fly, and some which will require your own attention. If you prefer darker colors, like me, a simple switch in the preferences dialogue turns the player dark or vice versa.

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There is a lot of Pros about this player, so I’ll skip over to the Cons. The player is relatively new and it does have some stability issues. For me, these stability issues mostly arise when the “Network access” menu is checked. Which means at the moment, the player doesn’t do well doing anything over the internet for me. A new release should hopefully fix these issues. I also found the built in Top charts feature, which grabs online music according to popularity, a little redundant as there is no way to customize it. For instance, I wouldn’t want to listen to Japanese songs, which seems to fill the chart a lot.

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Their Github page, provides download links and instructions for popular distributions. What are you waiting for, head over to their page and give Lollypop a whirl.


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